A wonderfully cool week and thankful to the Lord.

4:23 PM

I'm thankful for the cooler temps and precipiation the Lord is bringing our way. A very nice time to plant seeds, plants, flowers, etc. as I had a hay day at Milmont and bought some beautiful things and looking forward to seeing them grow. Growing our own tomatoe plants from seed and waiting for May to plant them in the garden....As a special deal for my followers, I'm doing a special surprize giveaway for those commenting on this post. I will draw one name out of all the friends who comment on this post.  Will announce and pick the winner on Saturday, April 20th. Thanks for being a friend and have a good and Godly Day!!
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  1. We are getting colder weather. Supposed to be 30°F tonight. Gardening is great. We love tomatoes. In the South, many of us love them fried green. Do you and the Mr. like them like that?

  2. We are cold and have had to cover the plants we have planted. We decided to try strawberries but after a couple of nights with hard freeze warnings I hope the plants make it.
    Enjoy your day Laura!

  3. As much as we eat tomatoes, we don't do fried green tomatoes! Not that we wouldn't try them though... ldr


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To all the kitties I loved...

To all the kitties I loved...

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Have a Good and Godly Day.