An Americana Link Party!

3:30 PM

Having my first Link Party ever and doing it with an Americana theme.  You can link up here with your items you're working on or items up for sale, it's up to you.  You can insert as many links as you like.  However this party lasts for one week.  Also, I have a question.  Do people buy Americana pretty all year long or is it more a seasonal thing?  I invite your thoughts, comments and experiences.  Thanks so much and come join the Party!

***Update as of 6/10/11: Since I'm getting such a good response I've decided to extend the linking until I stop getting submissions for the month of June!

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  1. Hi Laura~
    Hope your Saturday is good! As for your question - I think there are both kinds of folks - those who have Americana-themed rooms or keep it up all year long and buy it all year long; and those who just decorate with it around the Americana holidays (Memorial Day/July 4th). Personally, I do Americana only in the summer months (starting immediately after Easter) and take it through until it's time for fall. I generally will buy it any time I see something I can't live without - but tend to focus on it more during "the season...." Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Sounds good to me! Thanks for your thoughts!ldr

  3. Thanks for the link party invite Laura! Love your creations, I don't even have a drop of talent when it comes to floral creations. I also wanted to answer your question. I leave several Americana prims out all year long.


  4. Thanks for hosting a link party Laura. I think ladies decorate in Americana all year long and not just at certain time.



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