Transparent graphic files not behaving...Need help!

1:45 PM

Hi friends! Ever since I've started blogging I've had this problem...So far, nobody's been able to help me. Perhaps somebody in blogland could point me in the right direction. In all my blogs I can display a transparent file in my sideboard but not the main part of the blog, or the body...I've done lots of Googles on it and have tried different browser and other things, but to no avail...If anyone can give me some ideas or input, I'd be forever greatful....I'm doing a new blog, "Rhodes House Kitchen Creations", and you can look at some test graphics there. Hope you have a good day and thanks, Laura

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  1. Hi Laura. If the file is a transparent png file, it should be transparent in your blog body. Some png's are not transparent, so check to see. Some sites that re-size or create png's actually don't make them transparent. Some sites do. I will email a site to you that does create transparent pngs :)

  2. I cant help you...but I do want to thank you! I loved the little candle and smell goods! Thank you so much. I also love the little valentine tags! I stuck a few around the house! Thank you again so very much! Katie

  3. I hope you can figure this out and then share your answer.
    Danice looks like she might know!
    Good luck Laura,


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To all the kitties I loved...

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