The Transparency Graphic Mystery is Solved!

12:20 AM

First of all I want to thank all my blogging friends for all the how to's of the web to figure things out! You all are an invaluable source and wealth of info. I couldn't have done it without you! The lightbulb has officially gone on! I, being determined to figure out the transparency dilema did some further googling and I found out the answer at the (Cutest Blog on the Block-tutorials) here. A tutorial on how to display a signature on your posts in blogger.

One of the commenters had the same problem as I with the transparent signatures not displaying properly. I feel sheepish now, it being simple. I failed to make sure the Image-backgrounds & border were not changed as "transparent". The default was on white of the background of the image with a grey border. No wonder they wouldn't display transparently!


1) I went to the Template Designer Section, and Customize.
2) Then Advanced in the Template Designer.

3) Scrolled Down to Images.
4) Then changed the Background and Border to Transparent!
Now I can do transparent signatures in my blogs posts at my Rhodes House Kichen Creations Blog...Now to see if I can fix my other blogs....

Update: I did notice that there was a difference in the template designer Advanced choices in things to change and My Rhodes Creations blog (oldest one I have) doesn't have the option to choose "image" in step 3. Figured it out..My template has to be "Simple" to have that option to change the image.....
Update 2: Didn't matter how old my blog was..I was thinking maybe the old blog had old blogger, something crazy like that...I just didn't have the same "template" is all....I figured out why it was so smooth to do that fix on my Rhodes House Kitchen Creations blog. I had a background from Sunflower Studio installed there. When I installed the html code for that background they had a tutorial available for installing it. (See link). Basically, you have to change your template to Simple Template White. That's the key.
Then when you go to the Template Designer you can change everything that needs to be transparent to transparent. This worked with Sunflower's background flawlessly and I tried it on my Laura's Little House blog where I'd gotten a background from somewhere else (Plumrose Lane) and she recommended a different template in the Template Designer. However, I was having problems doing that. So to put it in a nutshell, so far, the way Sunflower Studio told me to do it is working for me...Will keep you posted if this changes...Now off to my other blogs! 

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  1. So glad you got it figured out and then shared!
    Thanks Laura, It always seem simple in hind site right?
    Enjoy your day,

  2. I will be saving this. Thanks for sharing. Off to explore!Looks like you have MANY talents.


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