Today's My Birthday!

9:18 AM

Fall Wreath with Grubby Taper

Fall Tree to display some items.

Canning jar lamp with potpouri & pip berry candle ring.

Grubby bottle

Wax dipped corn bowl fillers.

Well, have been busy trying to get my items made and labeled and packaged to go off to some shops to sell...And trying to get it done before the end of August...Grubby candles, tapers, votives, loaf 3 wick candles, rusty tin can candles, potpouri, salt dough bowl fillers, prim fixins, potpouri refresher spray, pip berry candle rings, all kinds of electric lamps, wreaths, garlands, stitchery patterns, and more!  The plan is to be at Rebec Winery this week and hopefully What a Blessing Bakery. And by Sept 1st, have stuff ready for Bell's Treasures in Bedford. Then before you know it, the Fall festivals will be coming on...And low and behold today's my b-day! Plan to have family and friends over after church for lunch...May the Lord give you a blessed Lord's Day today! Blessings,

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  1. Have a wonderful birthday with friends and family today..;)

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fun filled day!
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow

  3. Happiest of birthdays to you Sweet Laura!! Enjoy your day with those, and doing what, you love best! Smiles, Hugs & Birthday Blessings ~ Robin

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday I haven't forgotten about ya...just takin' me awhile :)

  5. Happy birthday sweetie!Big hugs michelle

  6. Wishing you a Happy Birthday, a day filled with fun and laughter.

  7. Happy birthday Laura. Love your fall wreath and tree. Fall is around the corner I'm afraid.
    Looks like you are ready for it.
    Have a nice one.
    Country at heart

  8. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Glad you enjoyed your day. Love your pics!



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To all the kitties I loved...

Have a Blessed Day!

Have a Good and Godly Day.