Spring is in the Air!

6:21 PM

Mark and I attended the couple's night this year this past Friday. We hardly ever get our pictures taken, so I had to get one done while we were all dressed up...I got the dress from a lady at church (thanks Brenda S.!) who had several and this was one of my favorite. Periwinkle...which was the color of my wedding..and I already had the vest...The sun was setting when the picture was taken.

Mark and Laura saying "Cheese"

A Closer up.

We had a wonderful evening..and they had wonderful food! I would have taken pics, but the lighting was low and my camera does not do well in low lighting.....
Spring is in the air! Especially with 60 degree weather today and 50's yesterday. Love going for walks and have been picking up aluminum cans too..To take to the recycling place for money...And wiskey bottles. Never know what you can make from them...I am a firm believer in "rescuing the perishing" and love making treasures from trash..

I just finally got around to taking the Christmas garland off of the mantle and replacing it with some springy decor. Took some pics..

These came from my wedding..each of the bridesmaids had one to carry. I just cleaned the dust off of them, and do they shine!

This is a wallhanging (above)I got from On Second Thought...with a grapevine swag that I made..I love the birds and birdfeeder..Looks so serene and peaceful...

 This one I got at a going out of business sale at The Mustard Seed several years ago. I just love Thomas Kincaid stuff..Also with a floral swag I created. I just had to add another little bird on top...


May you enjoy your day and week and redeem the time...

Until next time...Be sweet!


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To all the kitties I loved...

To all the kitties I loved...

Have a Blessed Day!

Have a Good and Godly Day.