Ladies Retreat 2014

11:30 PM

The Dayspring ladies had a wonderful ladies retreat and guest speaker Naomi talking about her struggle with cancer and how the Lord is sustaining her and teaching her to trust in Him. Also a lady from church spoke about her various experiences in the mission field which was very inspiring and glorifying to God in working through her life in the midst of trials. What I took away: God is faithful and only He can give us the strength to go on. If we try to do things in our own strength ultimately it will not come out right and we will need to go through God's classroom again. To overcome fear and not be overcome by it is huge for someone battling with the unknown and the uncertain future. It comes down to trust. God knows our beginning and end and will be there with us until the end. May we walk this path of life in light of this truth and walk in truth. For everything is for Him and by Him and to Him forever amen!
We are thankful for Naomi and Careesa being willing to share with us and their transparency in reliving their stories. May the Lord bless you both abundantly for your willingness to lay down your lives for Jesus' namesake.
A special thank you to the Fitzgeralds for opening their spacious and cozy living room for the retreat. Also for all those who helped prepare serve and cleanup the food. And our greatfulness and gratitude goes to Brenda S. for all her thoughtful planning and organizing of the retreat. Laura assisted, but Brenda was the brains of the operation. It was a blessed time of sharing, bonding, serving, connecting, wonderful food and fellowship!
Some of the wonderful cookies for dessert...
And dessert!
Yummy soups to warm the inside!
Enjoying the meal...
Time to pray...
Twila and Naomi.
The ladies enjoying themselves...

Playing a game...
Brenda giving a massage...
Brenda is at it again!
The Fitzgerald's wonderful decor!

Till next time...

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  1. Ahhhh trusting God, something I need a lesson in everyday. He is the only trustworthy one we can go to in these perilous times.

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time at your retreat. The food looked so yummy.


  2. It looks like you had an inspiring and uplifting day. I know there must have been a lot of good cooks! What yummy food! Enjoy your week my friend!


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To all the kitties I loved...

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Have a Good and Godly Day.