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Today I'm going to show you a way (it is probably not the only way) that I download files (freebees) from Jaelop Designs at her blog. She does wonderful work and I used her elements from Country Side to revamp my blog. Thanks, Danice for giving me the link! Jaelop Designs has been very generous in sharing her freebees and I just wanted to put in a plug for her. I'm showing you how to download them from the place she has her freebee files stored called 4Shared because it took me a little while to know what "Download" buttons to go to and you don't want to accidentally download something you had no intention of. I thought I'd save you some grief, and I'd have it down for posterity so I wouldn't forget how to do it myself. 
So here we go.

Scroll down through her pages of freebees and see which one you want to download. Click download and it will take you to's website where the file is stored. Originally I was clicking the Download button with the little cloud as pictured below. I was hoovering my mouse over it to make sure it was not some incorrect link. It then took me to the next screenshot.


**I figured out that I could just go directly to this Priority Download button and go from there. I don't have to do the above step. 
Once you click that button it will ask you to run or save (it is downloading a download helper). Click RUN. 


I have Windows 7 and it has a popup to verify I want to run the Download Helper.
I wasn't able to do a screenshot of that. 
It says, "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to the computer?"
Program Name: 4 Download Helper
Verified Publisher: New IT Limited
Source: Downloaded from the Internet
I clicked "YES".
Next you get a Download Popup Screen.
BEFORE you click download make sure you unclick the "(3) Extra Softwares". Once you've unclicked those, then click Download.
The Zip file will proceed to download.

Once it's downloaded it asks if you want to show in Explorer or Open file. I open file.

Then extract files from file manager.


Now you can view the Element files. Now you can use the Beautiful Elements to create something wonderful!


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  1. Thank you Laura. Yes, Jaelop Designs has some beautiful free kits. Thanks also for clearing up how to download. It took me a while to click the correct download link when I found the kit, lol. Stay warm in this cold weather. Prim blessings :)


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To all the kitties I loved...

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Have a Good and Godly Day.