I got hacked! Spam attack!

10:05 AM

I had gotten an email from My realtor friend and it was saying I had an important Google doc and to go there to open it and stupid me opened it thinking it was something about our house, but no, I got hacked and it got into my acount and sent the same email to people in my gmail account, so I got a lot of reject emails this morning and if you got one please don't open it, delete it it is spam!!!!If you did, please change your gmail passwords as soon as possible, as I didn't change mine before the hacker got into my account...I changed it this morning after the fact....So sorry!
Update: It deleted my contacts as well, so I couldn't send an email to my contacts telling them not to open it.....
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  1. I did get one Laura and didn't open it. Just didn't seem like something you would do.


  2. Thanks for posting. I came here to ask you about it because it seemed suspicious and I wanted to make sure you knew about it.

  3. I tried to open it as I thought you had sent some important information, but thankfully my security is set pretty high and it blocked it saying the site was unsafe. It has been deleted. :)

  4. Sorry this happened to you Laura. I received one in my hotmail, but marked it as "my friend has been hacked". Dirty hackers!



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To all the kitties I loved...

To all the kitties I loved...

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Have a Good and Godly Day.