Visited Toots Creek Antique Mall

10:10 PM

From prim
Visited Toots Creek Antique Mall in Halifax, VA. Wednesday and it is a very nice place. I've been in search for places to sell my wares..That is, have a booth and be able to display my items in a nice manner that is not so expensive. Found out there's a waiting list, so after perusing the place a bit I told one of the managers, Mrs. Falling to put me on the waiting list, so we'll see how it goes. Only thing is, it's almost 2 hours away! It's so hard to find a nice place that is in a good location and has nice looking booths to attract customers...We'll see! Check out their website for pics! Have a great week! Blessings,


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To all the kitties I loved...

To all the kitties I loved...

Have a Blessed Day!

Have a Good and Godly Day.