An appreciation for the old.

11:54 PM

Well, I was doing some net surfing and I found some Etsy videos. A very interesting one I found was about how an Etsy person recreates old rusty vehicles. It's amazing how they turn out. I thought it was very profound how he was relating that when you are younger you strive for perfection, but when you get older you can appreciate the imperfections and recreating them can be more of a challenge and is out of the box. Hope you enjoy! My brother in law Jerry loves cars and has lots of them...though not as many as he used to have. And he has lots in the yard just rusting away...So this, Jerry, is dedicated to you! Blessings to all,


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  1. Laura, Thank you for sharing this! It was fascinating! At first, I thought they were life-sized cars until he started handling them! What a gift! There sure is a lesson there. Only through our imperfections can the glory of God and His work be done. He saved a wretch like me! Thank you, thank you! I am going to pass this on to my husband and dad... They will love this!

    Blessings! Hope this finds you well!


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To all the kitties I loved...

To all the kitties I loved...

Have a Blessed Day!

Have a Good and Godly Day.