Rhodes House Kitchen Set of Four Jam/Jelly Set Auction-Closed

9:01 AM

Get your tastebuds ready for Rhodes House Kitchen Set of 4 Jam/Jelly-Half Pint Jar Auction!
You choose from the following flavors: Blueberry, Grape, Plum, Peach, Strawberry, Jalapeno, and Apple Butter. These will be Half pint jars. Great mixed in with yogert, on some toast or even a begal and cream cheese! Make great gifts too! Click here for complete rules to participate in Auctions..
Bids increments of at least $1.00 and please let me know in post if you will be eligible for shipping discounts! Any questions, let me know!!  Auction ends Oct 25, 2011.

Starting bid is $1.00
Shipping and Handling is $15.00
Happy Bidding!


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To all the kitties I loved...

To all the kitties I loved...

Have a Blessed Day!

Have a Good and Godly Day.