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Hello dear friends! I need some advice. I am considering going into a wholesale thing with a web based company that does primitive handstiched patterns that you can use for handstitching/applique, etc and this co. doesn't provide plastic bags to house the patterns. The pattern is on cardboard. She has decent prices, but I'd have to either buy ziplock bags myself to display the pattern or figure an ingenuitive and creative way to display them for booths/craft shows. I just love her patterns, but am wondering if it will be worth it to go into a wholesale agreement with a 2 or 3 minimum pattern purchase per order or just buy retail (wholesale is just a small percentage cheaper) and not worry about minimums...Or just go with someone that packages the patterns in ziplock bags..Does anyone have any experience in this or know somebody who does? What are your thoughts on buying/displaying/selling patterns, personally or for resale or your experiences...Thanks in advance, Your friend,

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  1. has great bags of all kinds to display your items...print off some bag toppers on cardstock and staple together-there's tons of free graphics online.... They do wholesale accounts too. The also sell hang tags by the boxfuls...I've ordered from them 3 times and they are FAST to send out the order.
    I haven't sold anything wholesale yet so I don't really know if its better. Best of luck.

  2. couldn't tell you about the wholesale thing..but you could get the brown paper lunch bags and package them up and put two holes in the top with a bit of raffia or ribbon to tie it shut...the bag stays in its folded postion..easy storage..and you could also put the picture on the front of the can get prints super cheap online at walmart or some other printing type place..good luck..:)


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To all the kitties I loved...

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Have a Good and Godly Day.