A day in Waynesboro & Stuarts Draft, VA

3:38 PM

Mom, Luiza our friend and I spent the day shopping in Waynesboro and Stuart's Draft Wednesday.  I just had to include some pics from Milmont Nursury and Greenhouse because everything was just so beautiful and I thought it would brighten your day as it did mine...Mom bought some seeds. I took several pics of Handsome the parrot and admired their plants, flowers, etc...If you're ever in the area, you'd love to visit them!  Enjoy the pics and have a good and Godly week!

It was such a lovely, sunny day...

You can look, but do not touch!

Until next time,

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  1. Laura,

    I can't wait til spring gets here...warmer days and all the plants popping up. Thanks for sharing your trip.


  2. Laura,
    You were in my neck of the woods. :) Waynesboro is my hometown, and I was in the Stuarts Draft area myself yesterday. I love Milmont! Did you visit the Cheese Shop or Country Connections?

  3. Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful pictures of the plants and flowers. I had snow falling today here and when I visited your blog it brightened my day. I can't wait for spring!!

  4. D: Glad you stopped in! Good to hear from you!
    Colleen:Glad to brighten your day!
    Stacy J:I didn't realize that was your neck of the woods..I went to Sharp Shopper, Walmart, Benjamin Franklin (Hate that they're closing down:( )in Waynesboro, Milmont, The Little Debbie Thrift Store...didn't get over to Country connections though or the cheese shop.
    God is good all the time!


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To all the kitties I loved...

To all the kitties I loved...

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Have a Good and Godly Day.