Relaxing Lunch at the Ploughcroft Tea Room with Martha

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**Original Post April 2016**
"Let's go to the Tea room in Lynchburg", texted Martha.
Well, the only T-Room I knew of was the Texas Tavern, a historical local "greasy spoon" at the corner of Rivermont in Lynchburg, VA. That didn't sound like her, as she liked to eat healthy and had let us say, more eloquent taste than that. The Ploughcroft Tea Room downtown she explained and then I googled it and then I understood. Yes, it looked quaint and right up our alley.  So off we went. She had been there before and it was my first time. I was looking forward to the excursion, as Mark is away in Bolivia doing some church work and Martha and I wanted to do a day trip. As she was not up to it physically this time, we decided on lunch.

They had teacups already on the tables and started us out with our choice of tea. We decided on the Darjeeling tea with cream and honey. I also brought my special stevia from Boliva for the occasion.  It was very good. So good that we finished the whole big teapot and some of another! Needless to say, I was running to the ladies room much through out the day.

Somerset Cheese & Onion Tart

English cheddar & mild, sweet onion tart.  Served on a bed of mixed greens and fruit garnish.

It took us a while to decide what to get, so I ended up following suit with Martha and got the Cheese and onion Quiche with cabbage and green beans with the delectable chutney. We ended with sharing the Fruit Crumble with blackberry and Apple fruit.  It came in a stemmed custard container that looked sort of like a wine glass and had the consistency of a pudding.  I was going to take a picture, but Martha had already dug into it before I did and it wouldn't have done it justice to take a picture of it then.

"English Orchard Fruit Crumble

Served with Birds Custard"

The excursion and lunch was very relaxing as it wasn't crowded and ladies would mill in and out for their lunches. It was such a joy to have a peaceful meal with no blaring music and a nice quiet and elegant atmosphere!

We ate in the main room as you come in and afterward checked out the other room which was very cozy and would make a wonderful place to host a ladies gathering or meeting.

The owner is Patricia Hutto out of Dover, England. She was the perfect hostess making sure everyone was enjoying themselves. Such a sweet lady. She even agreed to take our picture before we left!

If you ever come to Central Virginia, downtown Lynchburg, this is a wonderful place to check out and enjoy a bit of delicious food and tea with your friends!

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To all the kitties I loved...

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Have a Good and Godly Day.